63 Solorum-Ro, Jeju Island 63579, Republic of Korea

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9:00am – 7:00pm (Mon-Fri) 

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Hilly Precision Medical Clinic

High-Quality Primary Care for Cancer and Health Care

Welcome to Hilly Precision Medical Clinic


Genomic inforation based tailor made combinarion therapy
(chemo, trageted drug, antobody, vaccine, SRS )


Tailor made combination therapy

Tailor made vaccine therapy


Genetic Diagnosis
Tailor made therapy of cancer

Comprehensive Primary Care for Cancer

Failed by therapy in other clinics

Impossible or difficult to treat by standard therapy

Advanced cancer

Mutiple metastases

Pancreas and biliary tract cancer

Huge liver cancer

Multifocal liver canacer

Metastatic liver cancer

Malignant ascites

Ovarian cancer

Malignant pleural effusion

Hormone refractory prostate cancer


Lung cancer

Words from Our Patients

Center of Future Medicine

  • Exclusive medical center of 21st century specialized in precision medical service for antiaging and cancer
  • Composed of :

      1) genomic testing laboratory,

      2) R&D center,

      3) clinic for cancer and aging related diseases

      4) VIP health care center

      5) esthetic care center

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