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Hilly Precision Medical Clinic

Full Range of Primary Care Services for the Whole Family

Diagnosis/ genomic testing/ health care/ antiaging/ treat cancer

Convenient Healthcare Services

Exclusive medical  service

Genomic health care, antiaing, healing of aging related disorders and cure of cancer


Cancer genomic testing (CTA) Screening Follow up
Guide of tailor made therapy

Tailor made combination therapy

Services and Treatments

Cancer treatment in Hilly PMC

After genomic tests (CTA) and cell banking,

Genomic information based combination therapy are done: 

1) Chemodrug
2) Targeted drug
3) Antibody drug
4) Vaccine
5) SRS radiation therapy
* Abscopal therapy
6) Vascular therapy
7) Intracavitary therapy
8) Intevention
10) Minimally invasive surgery

1. Tailor made combination therapy

Guide to choose right chemo drug, molecular targeting drug, antibody, cells based on genomics of individual target cancer cells and patient

● Failed by therapy in other clinics
● Impossible or difficult to treat by standard therapy

1) Advanced cancer

2) Mutiple metastases

3) Pancreas and biliary tract cancer

4) Huge liver cancer

5) Multifocal liver cnacer

6) Metastatic liver cancer

7) Malignant ascites

8) Malignant pleural effusion

9) Triple negative breast cancer

10) Hormone refractory prostate cancer

11) Glioblastoma

Precision Medical Laboratory, PML


  • Diagnosis – early detection, follow-up, classification, Predicts prognosis
  • Drug – tailor made cancer therapy
  • Diagnosis of hereditary cancers


  • STD
  • HPV
  • EBV
  • Hepatitis and other infection
  • Sepsis
  • Multidrug resistant
  • Bacteria
  • Traveller’s infection

     (malaria, yellow fever, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc)


Esthetic (Skin / Hair) Identity/ Paternity Pharmaco-genomics Inherited Dis Diagnosis & fetal Dx.


Genetic Diagnosis


Tailor made therapy of cancer




Genomic testing

Antiaiging/Well being

Tour – Healing Tour


Medicine of the Future

Genomic medicine (molecular medicine)

Diagnosis and treatment by using gene (genetic test and gene drugs)

Precision medicine

Genomic information based, individualized health care and treatment

Preventive medicine

Move of medicine from treatment to prevention and control

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